Sermon series going through the book of Romans 

Sunday Sermon 7/14/19

A message from Vern Norton about Evangelism 


Sunday Sermon 7/7/19

Pastor Jonah Fetzer Encourages us to consider how is really in charge of things.

Sunday Sermon 6/23/19

Jesse Cunningham Shares about the importance of the Holy Spirit in our life.

Sunday Sermon 6/16/19

listen to our Father's Day Message. Hear messages from some of the fathers in the church. Learn about How God whats to provide for you and how important it is that we reach fathers for the Kingdom.

A Fire to Kindle

Jesus came to kindle a fire what does that mean to us?

Church Government and Ministry

our current  series on what the Bible says about church government and the ministry gifts. 

Sunday Sermon 9/2/18

Pastor John Logan  Teaches us about the conflict we can deals with the closer we get to our Goal.

Sunday Sermon 8/26/18

 Worship it is the believer's right and gives us access to the presence of God. 

Sunday Sermon 8/5/18

How you see yourself can determent how you receive from God.

Sunday Sermon 7/8/18

What or who is the Holy Spirit ? Why Did Jesus send Him And what is he doing ?  To learn more Listen to this message.

Sunday Sermon 1/14/18

Jesus died to set us free. but did you know God gave all authority to Jesus. Find out why in this message.